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Patsy Stewart, RPT

As the only Registered Piano Technician in Parker, I service the pianos for the PACE center, many area churches and schools, professional musicians, music teachers, as well as numerous students and amateur home pianists.


$200 for a basic tuning on a piano that is less than 15 cents flat

Why should I hire a Registered Piano Technician (RPT)?

Registered Piano Technicians are professionals who have committed themselves to the continual pursuit of excellence, both in technical service and ethical conduct. An RPT has passed a series of rigorous examinations on piano tuning, regulation and repair. There are fewer than 2,500 people in the world who have completed this series of exhaustive examinations covering all aspects of piano technology.

How Often Should I Have My Piano Tuned?

Piano manufacturers universally recommend newer pianos (less than 5 years old) be tuned 3-4 times a year. After that, most people find that having a piano tuned every six to twelve months will maintain the piano well enough. Allowing a piano to go much beyond a year without having it tuned will cause the piano to fall far enough out of tune that oftentimes a pitch raise must be performed before a tuning can begin. This would be an additional charge and cause additional wear on the instrument. Just like a car, the more regularly your piano is tuned, the fewer repairs your instrument will need, resulting in lower costs in the long run.

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